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When was the last time you did a egg worm count on your horse?

For many horse owners the answer is still never, however resistance to horse wormers is increasing all the time and worm egg counts, and blood tests for tapeworm, are now the “gold standard” for looking after your horse.

Worm egg counts are an extremely cheap way to see if your horse has worms.  Based on the result of the test and the time of year, we can advise you if your horse needs worming and if so which product to use.

Good pasture management and worm egg counting are vital to ensure the health of your horse, as heavy worm burdens or emerging red worms can be a cause of colic and even death.

We see a range of equines from rescued donkeys and children's ponies to brood mares, eventers, show jumpers and dressage horses.

We are able to perform all aspects of routine equine work, lameness work-up, endoscopy and investigations for poor performance.

We have close links with referral practices, where further investigations or more complicated surgery may be performed, such as colic surgery or arthroscopy.

Recent Equine cases...

Gorgeous Ella the coloured yearling in for routine vaccines..... She is only 11 Months old!!! Shes going to be a giant!

Lovely little Gem came to keep her company as shes been there and done everything! 

A wonderful achievement by one of our clients -
A huge congratulations to Vicki Brooks and Lottie!

Well it has been quite a year! I've been meaning to write this post for a while but I wanted to make sure it didn't get lost in all the hype over the HOYS win!
In order to win at an event like that you need a lot of luck, it all has to come just right on the day- not before or after but at the time you need it! This doesn't however just happen by chance. A lot of hard work throughout the year had gone into our success, by a team of professionals all working hard to make sure Lottie and I were in tip top condition when it mattered- and they all deservingly need a massive thank you and a lot of praise for, quite frankly, providing me with the best show day ever! I'd love to take all the credit/ but I could not have done it without all of the following.....

Selworthy Veterinary Group for being brilliant with the nightmare that is keeping a show horse clean limbed and sound!

Well Done Vicki!!

One of our horse clients beautiful Maddison paid us a visit today for routine vaccination!

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