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*Microchip and Neutering Offer for cats*
Attention cat owners, we will be offering £10 neutering for people on low incomes and FREE microchipping for all cats until 31st December 2016 with the Cats Protection.

To book an appointment for neutering or microchipping, please call the practice during office hours on 01548 853322.
Our Dog Show 2016 was a success!
On Friday 26th August, we held our annual Dog Show. It was a lovely sunny day and we raised £130 for the Labrador Rescue and £130 for the Cats Protection!
Attention all cat and dogs owners...
NOW available... 'SERESTO COLLARS', a new flea, tick, larvae and lice preventative product available for both dogs and cats, which lasts up to 7-8 months! For more information please call the practice during office hours on 01548 853322.
The Pet Plan Veterinary Awards - Please Vote for us!
Has our practice put the bounce back in your dog's step or nursed your cat back to good health?

If you think our practice or someone in the team deserves to win a Veterinary Award visit to nominate today! #PetplanVetAwards
Iceland Trek 2015
Jacob and Natasha, two of our Veterinary Nurses have completed their Iceland Trek with Charity Challenge in aid of the PDSA, they managed to raise £5,500! Thank you for all of your support and helping them to raise so much money to help all the animals in need of veterinary treatment!
Puppy Parties!
We will be running our next course of puppy parties in October 2016. The first session will be Tuesday 18th of April, Tuesday 25th April and Tuesday 1st November 2016. The course will be run by Natasha one of our Registered and Qualified Veterinary Nurses and will consist of 3 consecutive sessions each tuesday afternoon.

The cost of the 3 week course is £20, all proceeds from the puppy parties will go to a local animal charity! We will discuss the basics and importance of puppy socialisation, basic training commands, information about routine flea/worming and also information about neutering and insurance. All breeds of puppy welcome, all we ask is that they have had their 1st and 2nd vaccinations and they are between the ages of 2-5 months of age.

Welcome to Selworthy Vets, Small Animal Accredited Practice

We aim to provide an efficient, professional and caring veterinary service for you and for your animal.

We are based in Kingsbridge, but we also cover surrounding areas including Dartmouth, Totnes, Salcombe.

We provide 24 hour emergency cover at this practice, by our regular staff.

See our events page for special offers, and for more information.

Petsí Corner September 2015
What disappointing weather we have had this summer. When the clouds have cleared and the sun comes out, the temperature can rise rapidly. So a timely reminder about leaving dogs in cars. The carís internal temperature can rise rapidly and has been likened to an oven. Dogs soon become distressed so be aware a car left in cool cloudy conditions can soon become too hot for dogs should the sun come out.

Periods of hot spells can encourage adders to come out to bask in the warmth. Adders are seen around the coastal paths so take care and be vigilant if your dog is sniffing in the undergrowth. Snake bites usually present as lethargy with swelling of a limb or face. These do need prompt treatment.

Warm humid conditions do encourage blow fly activity. Sheep frequently are affected by fly strike where the blow fly lays its eggs on skin/fleece that is soiled with faeces, the larvae hatch and start to feed on the tissues. Fly strike is encountered in our pets particularly the rabbit. Soiling of the perineum with urine or faeces is not uncommon in rabbits and this is just the site the blow fly is attracted to. When cleaning this area dry wiping is preferred, if wetting it is necessary then make sure the fur is wiped dry to make the area less attractive to blow flies. There are products that act as fly deterrents namely Xenex and Rearguard. Please ask at the surgery for advice.

September 5th is Kingsbridge Show please come along and support the local show.

Petsí Corner May 2015

April is designated Pet month where we, the veterinary profession, promote responsible pet ownership. Again this year we are holding a combined car boot sale & dog show at Selworthy on Sunday 3rd May. Please check our website for details. Proceeds are for the PDSA and this is the final push to raise money for Jacobí and Natashaís charity trek across Iceland. Please come and support them.

This spell of warm weather will wake up our old friend the flea. Donít forget to start your petís flea control as early as possible. There are a number of treatment options available so please ask at the surgery for advice on the treatment that is most appropriate for your pet.

With summer in the air please dog owners take care where there are fishermen. Dogs are attracted to discarded bait often with hooks attached and these become lodged in the dogís throat or stomach. Beware also of crabbing bait bags these can be swallowed whole by the dog. The dog we admitted the other evening had swallowed the bait bag but the trace line and the supporting metalwork was snagged in the dogís oesophagus making recovery very complicated. My dog had a fish hook snagged in his tongue 2 months ago while we walked on the beach at Strete Gate.I appeal to fishermen & crabbers to be responsible and not leave bait and hooks for dogs to gain access to.

RCVS Practice Standards Accreditation 2015
We are pleased to announce that we have passed our RCVS inspection and have gained accredition for the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme for 2015!

Small Furries!